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A place of diversity and contrasts.

The City of Wisdom


Sofia, the Capital city of Bulgaria, is one of the most exciting places in Europe. It stands on the crossroad of civilizations, where West meets East. Being one of the most ancient cities on our continent, with a history dating 7000 years ago, it is settled in the geographical centre of the Balkans. Sofia has seen civilizations grow and fall, shaping it as a colourful mosaic of history, culture, and contrasts. You can feel its colourful atmosphere while just having a walk in the city centre, passing along ancient archaeological remains and buildings from 18-19th centuries, mixed up with fashion boutiques, modern office buildings and overall vibrant city life.

Today Sofia is a dynamic and fast-growing modern city, the largest in the country and 15th largest in EU. With a population of close to 1.3 mln people, the City is the administrative, economic and transportation centre of the country and one of the most important European centres. In the last years, Sofia, has become a business destination and many companies of global importance found offices, especially in ICT and Outsourcing being the top sectors in the country. Rightfully, Sofia was ranked as the most attractive outsourcing destination in Europe, according the GSLI of A.T. Kearney in 2014.

Culture and city life


Sofia is a national centre of cultural and creative industries and it hosts both time-tested international festivals and everyday cultural events in many galleries, cinemas, concert halls and alternative cultural spaces in the city. Sofia is proud of its vital urban life. The centre is full of many cafes, restaurants, bars, and clubs for going out. Along with traditional Bulgarian cuisine, which is a combination between European and Asian recipes you can taste also various dishes from all over the world. Going out for a dinner in a restaurant or for a drink in a bar is easy, pleasant, delicious, and affordable.

With many foreigners and predominantly young people speaking English, Sofia outlines as an international multicultural city.



There is no other European capital nestled at the foots of the mountain, like Sofia. The Nature reserve of Vitosha mountain has a unique  flora and fauna and with many touristic paths it is a fantastic place for practicing many sports during the whole year.

Bulgaria enjoys a rich and favourable weather within four seasons. Sofia has a temperate climate with an average annual temperature of 10.6 °C, which means that most of the spring, summer and autumn city life is outdoors.