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Prices and conditions

Designed for your needs

Payment and refund policies


Internship service fee 150 EUR

  • 100 EUR payment to start with the internship assistance and to apply for an internship position. If you are not selected for an internship due to a Company decision, the fee is refundable (excluding bank taxes). If you decide to withdraw after receiving an internship offer, the fee is not refundable as it will be a compensation for the efforts done by SI and the Company.

  • 50 EUR after signing an Agreement with the Company (includes basic level support)


Accommodation support 50 EUR (optional)

  • The fee for accommodation service is equal to 50 EUR per person and it covers a recommendation on the top locations, according to certain criteria, search and pre-selection through variety of offers, communication with brokers agents, authorized persons/owners, documents revision and a visit



It is estimated that your living costs in Sofia would be  between 250 and 400 EUR per month, depending on your lifestyle. For more information look at Costs of living 

Exemplary prices by type of accommodation, monthly

Private room           150 - 250 EUR 

Private studio         350 - 500 EUR

For more detailed information about our service and prices read Sofia Internships services brochure