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On a step away


Your dream job is just around the corner.

International experience


Going abroad is always an adventure, but going to an international internship is a way more. It is a jump to your career, just on the starting line.  It is a great opportunity to show initiative and to build self-confidence, while gaining a hands-on work experience. Furthermore, it is a way to develop your social skills, along with ability to adapt and learn - the most valuable features by employers.

With an international experience you will explore new culture and values, you will develop a global understanding and perspective and last, but not least –  you will expand your global network.


Sofia -  an internship destination


Our great advantage is that you will have the chance to work in dynamic and internationally positioned companies. Being a country on a crossroad, Bulgaria has predominantly export oriented economy, doing business with both West and East, which will give you an opportunity to work on projects within international teams. Gaining such an experience will broaden your perspectives immensely and will bring you a competitive edge when looking for work opportunities all over the world.




Sofia Internships works with set of carefully selected and reliable companies with strong presence in Bulgaria and having an international profile. Our partners will give you an opportunity to work in real business environment and friendly atmosphere to gain valuable international experience.